Fire Retardant Plywood

(IS- 5509: 2000)

JMP Fire Retardant Ply is a type of plywood which is treated with special fire retardant chemicals at the time of manufacturing. The addition of fire retardant chemical gives the plywood better fire proofing qualities such as:

  • Lesser tendency of spark and ignite.
  • Slow burning having a decreased tendency of the fire to spread over the surface of plywood.
  • Low flammability and lesser smoke generation.
  • Higher flame penetration time.

Main specialty of JMP fire Retardant ply is the addition of preservative chemical with using fire Retardant by pressure impregnation process prevents from borer and termites also. Mostly the fire Retardant chemicals decrease the bonding Strength in veneers. Due to pressure impregnation in ply JMP fire Retardant ply conforms to BWR Grade. A vacuum pressure of 56 cm/Hg is applied and fire Retardant solution with preservative is impregnated with a pressure of 2 – 12 kg/cm2 for the required absorption of chemical.


Ship building, Railway coaches, and Vehicles bodies, in boiler house, kitchen, inner roof wall lining and Exhibition Stalls.


Available All the Standard Sizes.


Available all the Standard thicknesses.

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