(IS- 2202 PART-1: 1999)

Flush Doors are manufactured from selected hard wood timber with preservative treated and well seasoned. Due to more durable and highly dimensionally stable our products are used for interior and exterior purposes both. Not only our doors are structurally strong but also they act as good insulators against heat and sound.

Cross Bands

Cross bands are uniformly dried to the required moisture as per IS : 1141-1993 in drier. To make it stress free cross bands are tenderized.


Superior quality of phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin (BWP Grade) confirming to IS: 848-2006 is used for bonding 100% boiling waterproof.

Preservative Treatment

To make our products termite and fungus resistance, timber and cross bands both are treated by fixed type of preservative chemicals as per IS: 401-2001.


To relieve external stresses during hot pressing special treatment to the flush door is given.

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We give top most importance to maintaining high standards of quality and excellence. We have formulated stringent quality control mechanism that begins from the very first stage of production.

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    Vill: Khakil,P.O. Baghpur,
    Near Bua Bai Mandir Dasuya Road,
    Hoshiarpur-146001 (Pb.)

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